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Resource Link
Monkeybread Software offer custom software development and plug-ins for FileMaker, Xojo, Real Studio and REALbasic.
xDev is a magazine that will help you tweak every clock cycle of power from Xojo. Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, a subscription to xDev will save you hours of time and frustration. It is a bimonthly digital publication. Every issue is packed with over 70 pages of vital information.
If Not Nil is a modern take on a forum aimed at cross platform developers who use the XOJO programming langauge.
Multi user database
ChartDirector documentation
PDF form creation / filling
help file creation
Chillkat Software
Sumatra PDF
PDF creation from HTML
ODBC database manager
Barcode SDK
Cube SQL
Navicat database management
Web App Developments

XOJO Applications
Overview Link
Small and general utilities written in Xojo
A Xojo application to send out merged emails
A Xojo application to rename files and folders en masse
A Xojo application to do local backups from remote databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc), FTP sites and locally mapped drives
A Xojo application to clean and manipulate plain text
ArtScene is the leading Management System for Art Galleries & Collectors